We have developed the Interroll production system in order to ensure high availability of our products with the highest quality and the best good cost/performance relationship.

    Our products guarantee optimized total cost of ownership and quick profitability. We ensure a “Climate of Excellence”

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    10.000.000 Rollers, 3.000 Variants produced every year.

    Countless times copied, never matched.

    Delivered to you when you need them – around the globe. Proven.


    5 billion € worth of goods are purchased in supermarkets all over the world every day.

    We are close to our customers, even where they least expect it.

    6 times out of 10, the checkout stands where these items run are powered by Interroll. Proven.


    5.000.000 cubic meters of industrial warehouse space: that’s how much is saved every year thanks to our Flow Storage technology.

    More than 5 times the volume of the Empire State Building. Interroll does help you save on operational and energy costs. Proven.


    Every day, 20 Million packages and documents are handled by the top 3 delivery companies worldwide.

    The 100 Interroll Sorters installed in several locations all over the world can easily handle such volumes.

    Now that’s real efficiency. Proven.


    Every year, 3 billion passengers put their security in our hands.

    Interroll Drum Motors power 80% of the conveyors inside passenger checkpoint scanners worldwide.

    This enables fast and reliable scanning operations. No delays. Hassle-free maintenance. Proven.


Interroll Canada is responsible for Customer Service in Canada, Mexico, Cuba and parts of North, Central and South America

From Idea to Operation

We help create solutions from the very beginning. Our product and application know-how and the experience we have gained make us the first choice for our partners. Our leading service competence rounds off our product portfolio.

Working as an expert team of Consultants, System Integrators and OEMs, we turn complex tasks fast into smart, scalable solutions for airports, CEP, food processing, warehousing & distribution and various kinds of industries.

Interroll offers the most efficient drives, rollers, conveyor modules and sorters as well as pallet and carton flow modules: a truly global product platform with highest availability for individual applications.

All along this process we concentrate on the core products of internal logistics.

Market leading solutions for airport material handling with Interroll Portec Belt Curves.


Highly available, economical and flexible: Interroll Crossbelt Sorters. Perfect sortation at your fingertips:


ConveyorControl – the optimum control solution for 24 V conveyor technology


The new Interroll RollerKit Light.


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New study about 24-volt drive technology in continuous conveyor systems


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Product Summary

This page shows the key goods that we transport, store and distribute, with references to how this is done. This is of course just a general overview of the many different ways the global flow of goods works.