Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50

  • Purely mechanical construction: No cabling or control required
  • No gear box: Smoothly engages materials from 500 g (1 lbs)
  • Contact-free braking function with eddy-current brake: Maintenance-free, no wear, same service life as standard conveyor rollers
  • High braking power: Containers up to 77 lbs engages smoothly and, at the same time, runs at a controlled speed
  • Based on Series 1700 conveyor roller: Tried and tested a million times over
  • Unique external marking for identification: No danger of confusion with rollers
  • 51 mm (1.97") tube diameter for required higher surface to the carrying roller (54 mm (2.22") with PU sleeve): No fastening brackets with additional profile holes required
  • Direction-independent operation Assembly errors are eliminated
  • No external emissions (sound, magnetism): No effect on sensitive materials, such as in the field of electronics
  • PU sleeve for smooth containers: Even critical containers are decelerated reliably

General technical data

Max. load capacity

350 N

Max. conveyor speed (injection speed)

2 m/s

Weight of materials

0.5 to 35 kg

Min./max. installation length (EL)

210 / 1400 mm

Temperature range

+5 to +40 °C


Bearing housing




Ball bearing

Steel 6002 2RZ, oiled


Neodyme N45


Steel, zinc-plated


Steel, stainless

Magnetic Speed Controller MSC 50 (PDF. 392 KB) Download