The Interroll ChuteMaster provides a safe, secure means of lowering your products. Specially designed fiberglass module profiles help control the descending speed of your products. In high humidity situations, the self-starting characteristics of the gel-coated fiberglass assists products to flow freely, gently and safely.

These components are made of durable hand-laid fiberglass and have a special gel-coating to provide long wearing low friction service. The spiral chute provides at least three times the floor space savings over conventional decline conveyors. The size of the chute allows it to use in tight situations, such as elevator shafts and other small spaces.

Technical data

Capacité de charge max.

50 lbs./linear ft.

Diamètre extérieur du convoyeur

40" - 126"

Largeur de bande

15.25" - 55.63"

Pente ascendante/descendante

Angle of decline 27°






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