The Interroll Queue-Flo is a perfect solution whenever a positive drive queuing conveyor or short, wide belt conveyor is required. The positive drive system ensures belt tracking without special adjustments and rugged dependability under heavy-duty induction or metering applications. The Queue-Flo is ideal for indexing, as the chain drive assures no belt drift. It is also ideal as a “gap” conveyor where a short length and wide belt width are required.

Technical data

Belt width

Up to 60" (61" between sideguards)

Max. module length

20 to 240"

Max. load capacity

40 lbs./linear foot, 500 lbs. total load

Conveyor speed

max. 350 fpm

Profile height


Drive system

#50 roller chain with attachment links


End roll sprockets


Diameter of end roll


Conveyor belt

PVOP (Queuing) Flexam EF 10/2, +A22 Black AS FR (Accumulation)

Belt seam

Clipper lacing

Queue-Flo (PDF. 242 KB) Download