The AdControl can be used if a RollerDrive EC300 (predecessor of EC310) is to be replaced with a RollerDrive EC310. The AdControl has a short connecting cable with plug. The plug corresponds to that of the EC300 and is connected with the existing DriveControl EC200/EC300 or extension cable. The EC310 is inserted on the left side. DIP switches are protected by a yellow end cover. The DIP switches can be used to set the gear stage of the previously used EC300 and the new EC310. The complex wiring of a new control is not needed. The use of the AdControl allows using a RollerDrive EC310 without changing the existing wiring. Depending on the gear ratio, the AdControl can also be used when replacing an EC200 with an EC310 (see instruction manual of AdControl).

AdControl (PDF. 114 KB) Download