Carton Roller Flow

  • Alternative solution to wheel tracks if the bottom of the “container” is not compatible (ex. KLT box)
  • Ideal for seasonal business
  • Retrofit conventional racking into flow storage
  • Rollers equipped with full width axle
  • Compatible with beams from all racking systems (universal brackets fixation
  • Versatile - handling of loads 50% wider than modules

General technical data

Container compatibility

Compatible with non flat or non rigid bottom (ex. damp cartons)

Roller pitch (P)

25.4 / 50.8 / 76.2 mm

Container load

25 kg max. according to regulation or 15 kg for soft bottom

Roller diameter

Ø 22.2 mm

EL (distance between profiles)

127/203.2/279.4/355.6 mm


From 196 mm to 3657 mm (splicing as option)

Profile thickness

1.9 mm

Loading types

Loading plate

Unloading types

Unloading plate


Roller material



Module profiles Galvanised finish (resist corrosion)

Loading plate


Unloading plate


Carton Roller Flow (PDF. 2 MB) Download